Let's run smarter campaigns

Talking about program media, we are able to set precise objectives, so all media strategy is changed dynamically and in real time. Changing objectives in a matter of seconds, public, messages, and media mix are automatically set to reach those goals in an inventory of over 80 billion prints, reaching 95% of people connected all over the world.

Straight Answer

Including artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms, predictive models adjust campaigns automatically with real-time bids (RTB), boosting sales effectively.


Including program media, branding campaigns increase the volume reducing costs per interaction with the brand. Cross-channel strategies allow the brand impact improvement during the consumer journey.

Programmed Purchase in Different Channels


Campaigns of graphic ads in different formats, including expansive displays, FBX, and customized dynamic ads. We can also reach people outside the retargeting pool using act-alike models.


Integration with the main video platforms in the world. The automated delivery of video ads maximizes the performance, which ensures that qualified consumers are viewing them.


Strategies focusing on mobile devices improving performance through the RTB model. Different segmentation strategies - Mobile App: inventory available inside apps. Mobile Web: internet inventory with browsing through mobile devices.


Segmented ads for social networking websites, dynamic or static, with segmentation for people inside and outside the retargeting pool.

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