Success Stories

We have experience in a wide range of segments. This allows us to be assertive in account managing.


We have our own service methods, which is proactive and with goals.

Wide scope

We are not restrict to account management, but we get involved in other aspects, such as business, products, pricing, competition, etc.

Google Partner

Specialized in:

Search ads Mobile ads Display ads Shopping ads Video ads

Google Partners Premier

GhFly belongs to Google Partners Premier and is specialized in all advertising strategies of Google.

Tags Implementation

We conduct all technical configuration needed for performance campaigns with measuring, such as pixel installations and tags.

Display and Video Campaigns

Development of concluded campaigns in the display net, creating graphic ads. Management of the video campaign true-view.


We configure remarketing and dynamic remarketing campaigns (DRA campaigns). We are responsible for all steps, from tags implementation to the creations of ads.

Google Shopping

Management of campaigns associated to Google Shopping with settings and optimization of Merchant Center and data feed.

Google Analytics

All our campaigns are integrated to Google Analytics, which allows us to have a better understanding of results and to improve the performance.

Mobile campaigns

Geotargeting campaigns, cross-device strategies and Store visits conversions focused on traffic generation to physical stores.

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