Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads

Performance in social media

Ads on social media are effective because of the number of users and the average time spent in the platform. In an engagement environment, explore more interactive ads (with images and videos) that impact the right users and generate interaction.

Sales via Social Ads

We manage direct response campaigns (focus on sales) and branding (engagement and brand exposure) through the major social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With a wide variety of ad format from images and videos lead capture active forms, social ads are able to reach the target audience with precision and generate engagement.

  • Impact public similar to its customers
  • Create campaigns to prospect new customers
  • Getting leads through forms
  • Strengthen the brand with Branding campaigns
  • Engaging users through interactive ads
  • Reaching back users who have visited your site
  • Show announcements for every user

Social Ads are key to generate engagement with your audience. The wealth of information preferences and behavior of users ensures accuracy and detailed segmentation.

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