We grow your E-commerce

Management focused on profitability

We understand all challenges of the e-commerce and the difficulty to ensure profits. Our e-commerce work is detailed, with profitability assessments per product category or SKU. We go deep to provide a long-term sustainable growth.


We carry out a projection and the growth planning of online operations based on the actuation segment and we execute online performance campaigns to achieve all goals.


We evaluate the profit margin of product categories by looking at each SKU individually when necessary. Our effort is to deliver a sustainable, secure, profitable growth.

Google AdWords

Focus on Profits. We consider and analyze conversion costs based on the markup of the product category.

Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads

Management of ads with the purpose of straight answer (ROI) on Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Social Media

Brand online presence on social networking websites, with content management and online reputation monitoring.


Management of remarketing dynamic campaigns on AdWords (DRA), Facebook (DPA), Instagram (including Multi-product ads), and DSPs.

Shopping malls and Price Comparators

Campaigns in shopping malls, comparators, market places, with feed management and individual measuring by SKU.

Program Media

Management of campaigns on program media with retargeting and prospecting strategies.

E-mail marketing

Artwork creation, shooting schedule, measuring of results, tests A/B.

Price Monitor

Monitoring and changing of prices in real time automatically based on competition.

Mobile Strategies

Geotargeting campaigns and indoor targeting focused on traffic generation to physical stores.

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